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Reconstruction and extension of an ancestral house pièce-sur-pièce

A country house surrounded by a wooden fence

*The video is available only in French.


Team up with clients in their self-build project

Carry out their project of rebuilding an authentic house pièce-sur-pièce


The clients worked very hard to make their project a reality.


The clients did the dismantling, transportation, refurbishing, and cleaning of the original Ontario house. The stone for the fireplaces was even recovered from the floor of the old house. The clients also organized the rebuilding of the pièce-sur-pièce section.


The big challenge in this project was to marry, aesthetically and technically, the original square of rooms-on-rooms with two extensions. Indeed, mixing two constructions from entirely different eras is a delicate task, especially since many assembly details must be thought out and rethought.


We were able to meet this challenge, especially when recovering materials. For example, the old rusted sheet metal of the roof was taken back and installed on the interior walls. Also, the structural beams of an old barn were reused and became decorative primarily, while the original "Beams and Decking" floor was kept.


It was a project worthy of our passion for ancestral homes. Thank you to the owners for giving us this unique chance of accomplishment!


New construction (kit TimberBlock)

A large wooden chalet with a terrace


Manage and execute the complete construction of a house for an overseas client

Erect a TimberBlock kit, Labrador model


Our client initially had a wooded lot with no electricity and a TimberBlock house kit. We managed and built this house ready to live in what we call a "turnkey" project, with the New Home Guarantee. Since the clients were not present during the entire project, our mandate was comprehensive: apply for permits, hire a surveyor, obtain soil tests, decide on the house's location and the required clearing, apply for the extension of the electrical line, etc.


Even from a distance, the owners were able to follow the progress of their project and make informed decisions thanks to our correspondence, reports and the photos we sent regularly.


New construction (kit Arontec)

Facade of a house clad in wood


Manage and execute the complete construction of a house

Erect the clients' Arontec kit


Complete construction of a house with attached garage, starting with the excavation, the septic system, the artesian well and the foundations. Then, we assembled the Arontec house kit and built the roof in two sections, on the ground, before installing them with a crane. We undertook the design and fabrication of the kitchen and bathroom cabinets and the interior and exterior finishing of the house, which is mainly made of wood. Plumbing, electricity and mechanics were also part of the project management.


It was a charming turnkey project to achieve.


Reconstruction and extension of an ancestral house pièce-sur-pièce

A wooden cabin in the middle of the forest


Achieve a dream...!

Give a second life to an abandoned pièce-sur-pièce house

Recover and move an original house


This project required us to dismantle an abandoned pièce-sur-pièce house in Témiscamingue, transport it to the Laurentians and rebuild the rooms. We took care of all the infrastructure. We married, with the square of pièce-sur-pièce, an extension in a standard frame. The interior and exterior finishes respect the authenticity and traditional style of the house while adapting to today's lifestyle.


We are proud of this achievement!


Construction of 50 houses and a clubhouse for a resort

A wooden chalet with bay windows and a terrace


Manage the construction of a resort

Erect wooden kits from Western Canada

Manage the construction of roads, electrical and telephone networks


We managed the groundwork, the infrastructure, the team of carpenters and subcontractors to construct 50 round wood houses and its clubhouse. In addition, we trained the staff on-site to complete the promoters' project. It was a great challenge that brought us a lot of experience.


Four luxury home models were offered, with various interior and exterior finishing options. The purchase of furniture, dishes, bedding and all accessories was an integral part of our mandate, essential to the delivery of each home.


Memorable moments...


New construction

A house clad in wood with a terrace built in the middle of the forest


Manage and execute the complete construction of a house

Standard construction, with the new house guarantee plan


We started this project with the demolition of the old cottage. Then we achieved the complete construction of this house, ready for habitation.


We were in charge of the infrastructure: excavation, septic system and an artesian well. Concerning the structure of the beams, balcony, installation of the shingles on the roof, exterior siding, installation of the doors and windows, interior finishing, installation of the hardwood and ceramics, our team of carpenters once again carried out all these tasks and stages of the construction of this turnkey project. In addition, thanks to the talent of our carpenter and cabinetmaker, Serge, we manufactured and installed kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanity, hardwood staircase and entrance furniture, all custom-made. Finally, the plumbing, electricity and mechanics were also under our responsibility.


It was a unique project for us! We were fortunate to have an organized client and a meticulous inspector for his dream project! We made an excellent team and met his expectations very well. A very lovely achievement!


Chenette project

Reconstruction of a cottage

B.Demers project

Garage with mansard roof

Themens project

Bungalow with curtain wall

Honey house project

Commercial building

Giroux project

Small modern house

Municipal garage project

Commercial building

Moyersoen project

Nature House

Beauvais project

Beam and column carport

Beauvais project

Pool gazebo with beams and columns

Riopel project

Small warm cottage

Beauvais project

Beam and column carport

Beauvais project

Beam and column carport

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