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The Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ) is a government agency that plays a significant role in construction and renovation in Quebec.


Here are some of its many essential roles:

Ensure compliance with building laws;

Ensure that the building and safety code is respected;

Contribute to ensuring the quality of construction and renovation work

To provide your protection as a consumer;

Ensure the professional qualification, integrity and solvency of contractors and homeowners.

Any construction contractor who offers their services to perform or has performed your work must have a valid license.


It is the role of the RBQ to issue the appropriate licenses to contractors and builder-owners. Please note that the licenses issued may also be modified, restricted or withdrawn when their holders have been caught in default. Be sure to check that your contractor has the required permits and is in good standing. Here is an easy to use link to validate it: (available in French only)

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The RBQ offers two types of financial guarantees to consumers:

1. The License Bond

The license bond is money deposited as security by any contractor who applies for a license. This amount is used to compensate consumers who have suffered damages resulting, for example, from the non-performance or poor performance of work.

2. The New Residential Building Warranty Plan

This plan provides purchasers of new homes or condominiums to guarantee the contractor's contractual obligations. These obligations include customer deposits and a warranty against construction defects. To benefit from the protections offered by this plan, buyers must take certain precautions, the first of which is to do business with a contractor holding the proper sub-category of license and duly accredited with an administrator authorized by the RBQ.


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Doing business with a contractor licensed by the RBQ gives you access to a financial guarantee in case of litigation;

The RBQ regulates and publishes laws that apply to self-builders and owner-builders;

No license is required if you wish to self-build your own home that you will live in and that will house your family;

A builder-owner license is required for anyone who wishes to perform or cause to be performed any part of the construction work to make a profit, such as resale, rental, as well as the construction of any residence with a commercial annex or any dwelling unit that earns income;

Not all financial institutions are comfortable with self-build; some institutions have restricted requirements. Check with your financial institution before starting your project;

Be aware that just because you do some of the work on your home does not necessarily mean you are a self-builder. Furthermore, it is not a self-builder because you own the land!

In conclusion, be informed and aware of the construction regulations in Quebec that apply to your type of construction.


Here is the link to the Régie du Bâtiment du Québec (RBQ), of their guide including the laws that apply to self-build in Quebec:

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