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The company began its operations in 1988 under the name of Meubles Modernic. Established in the Mont-Tremblant region, it first specialized in custom furniture and kitchen cabinets for fifteen years. The company finally ceased its operations in 2003 to acquire new experience and to breathe new life into the business.


In 2006, the company adopted the new banner of Construction Bertrand et Bujold and found itself at the head of a large construction project of fifty high-end houses, in which it managed some forty employees and thirty subcontractors. Nothing is too big or complex, from excavation to blasting, road construction, power line installation, communication systems development, etc. We even delivered a ready-to-rent resort complete with « Club House », pool and more.


Today, Construction Bertrand et Bujold is proud of all it has acquired and achieved. Always equipped with the desire to offer you a personalized and superior quality service, the company now focuses on new construction and residential renovation.

Modernic cabinetmaker advertising poster


Photo of France Bertrand and Serge Bujold next to Construction Bertrand et Bujold's truck

The company owners, France Bertrand and Serge Bujold, are a great team both professionally and personally.


Learn more about their backgrounds, strengths, passions, and the service they provide to each of their clients.


Construction Bertrand et Bujold has all the licenses and accreditations required to carry out your construction and renovation projects.


It is essential for you, dear consumer, to verify the validity and conformity of the contractor you wish to consult or even entrust with your big and beautiful project!


It is our pleasure to try to guide you in this step. Here is a summary of the essential points to check.


A contractor must essentially:

Hold a valid RBQ license (the RBQ website is the only way to check the validity of a license at a specific time);

Have a GCR accreditation for all new construction;

Have sufficient liability insurance to cover your project;

Hire staff with the required qualifications;

Be in compliance with governmental organizations;

Bonuses that Construction Bertrand & Bujold offers to its customers:

Being a member of a professional association, the APCHQ

Being APCHQ certified

For Construction Bertrand & Bujold, it is essential to be in good standing and have all the required protections for our customers and us. Do not hesitate to ask for proof from the chosen contractor before signing a contract!


If you wish to learn more about the regulations and organizations, visit our summaries for each organization illustrated below with a single click!

Équipe de gestion de projet
Membre APCHQ
Logo APCHQ Certifié
Logo Garantie Construction Résidentielle
Logo Régie du Bâtiment Québec


Group photo of the Construction Bertrand et Bujold team

At Construction Bertrand & Bujold, we are a small family work team.


Meet the faces behind the completion of our projects.

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