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Les propriétaires: Serge Bujold et France Bertrand


Construction Bertrand & Bujold is the ideal general contractor for all your house construction and renovation projects in Mont-Tremblant. Our owners, Serge Bujold and France Bertrand, are experts in the field of residential construction, and put their expertise at your disposal to offer you breathtaking results. Trust our team to transform your home into a dream place. We are passionate about our profession and we strive to exceed your expectations at every stage of your project.

As a general contractor, we take care of managing all aspects of carrying out your project. We have the resources and expertise to ensure that your project is carried out to the highest standards, and following updates to the various regulations in force. Construction Bertrand & Bujold help you monitor the progress of the work and make informed decisions along the way to ensure the success of your project.

Contact us now to discuss your home construction or renovation project in Mont-Tremblant. We will be happy to help you make your construction and renovation dreams come true.

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Serge Bujold, president

Trained as a carpenter and woodworker, Serge has always had a passion for ancestral homes. He has a unique talent that gives his creations an authentic style and charm. Always present on each of his sites, he ensures the quality of the work we offer. He is the pillar of the team.

France Bertrand, vice-president 

An architectural technician by training, France is known for her rigorous organization and her perfectionist side. Now an apprentice carpenter, she has been present on many of our construction sites, actively participating in the realization of projects with the team. Today, she is dedicated to managing the construction sites via our offices by taking care of the estimation, the quotations, the sales, the customer service and the orders, among others.

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france bertrand serge bujold building contractors

Together in life and in business, we form a complementary and qualified team to carry out all your projects.


Contact us : it will be our pleasure to help you in all your projects!


Whether it's new construction, renovation, finishing or cabinet making, we are happy to help and guide you from the beginning with your project. No matter what the mandate, you will always find an attentive and personalized service that will meet your expectations with us.


We can also advise you and redirect you, if needed, to professionals who are part of our network to help you visualize your project (designer, draftsman, technician or architect). We have to understand your needs to make your project a success.


Since the pandemic, we have modified our first approach with customers. To open your file, we ask you to send us photos, details or sketches, anything that can help us visualize your project without travelling.


We then provide you with a quick cost estimate based on our extensive experience. Thoughts and questions from the client usually follow this. The budget becomes a meaningful discussion at this stage to proceed. Suppose you are still interested in our company and desire to continue the adventure. In that case, we transfer everything to our professional estimating software, and we will be able to give you a more accurate budget price, broken down by work phase. We then move on to proposals to achieve the budgets, and then we do cost audits with our subcontractors and suppliers, which brings us closer to a contract and a schedule of work.


You can rest assured that we offer conscientious, high-quality work while taking into account the techniques recommended by the professional associations of the construction industry. Our accreditations attest to this.


Every customer is important to us.


Maison ancestrale à Labelle

We are passionate about the building methods of our ancestors. Each antique house brings us a lot of interesting, captivating stories and a love to preserve and refresh them.


We made this pièce-sur-pièce construction from an authentic bicentennial house in Témiscamingue. After carefully dismantling it, we transported it to Labelle and rebuilt it, preserving as much as possible of its antique character, while adapting it to today's lifestyle. This is the kind of project we are passionate about!

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