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Transformation of a bungalow

Front view of a red house with a car parked outside


Add a floor to a bungalow whose ground floor had been completely renovated by the clients


Due to equipment availability, we started by assembling the new roof on the ground in two sections. Also, we proceeded to demolish the existing roof while preserving the finish of the wood ceiling on the first floor. Then, we started the construction of the floor and wall structure of the second floor, installed the two roof sections, finished the roof and then waterproofed the building envelope.


The exterior finishing, as well as the interior finishing, was done by the clients themselves.


House raising

Addition of the sunken chalet by lifting it with a backhoe


Add a basement to a cottage built on piles and redo the septic system


We had the cottage raised by experts, shuttered and erected a new poured concrete foundation and floor slab. Exceptionally, and to meet the clients' future needs, we introduced the house to insert a new floor in between. We performed structural work, installed doors and windows and redid the septic system. The clients did the interior and exterior finishing.


Still today, clients give us various contracts to finalize their renovation projects.


Major renovation of an ancestral house

Newly built white chalet covered in snow


Make the attic habitable

Add a bedroom with a bathroom

Redo the roof

Complete/undertake/achieve the transformation of the kitchen and bathroom

Rearrange the house to meet the family's new needs


We touched almost everything on this beautiful ancestral house. We opened the roof, added two dormers to allow living in the attic, dismantled most of the interior divisions on the ground floor, built a new staircase for access to the upper floor, rewired and plumbed the house. Also, we completely remodelled the bathroom and kitchen, recovered and modified some of the windows with cremone bolts, enhanced the existing brick chimney, allowed new access to the poured concrete basement, straightened and refinished the ground floor and re-roofed the house with a non exposed screwed sheet.


The clients did all painting work, both interior and exterior.


Gaudu project

House raising and foundations

Zalba project

Expansion and major renovations

Ladouceur project

Addition of a 2nd floor

D.Demers project

Expansion and exterior siding

Symphonie project

Expansion of the ancestral house

Bourgeois project

Roof repair

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