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First of all, this abbreviation designates the Association des professionnels de la construction et de l'habitation du Québec (APCHQ).


Construction Bertrand & Bujold is a member of the APCHQ because we need to be under the umbrella of an association that ensures the development of our expertise. This association keeps us informed, trains us and advises us on the best construction practices in Quebec with the primary goal of meeting consumer expectations and encouraging healthy and sustainable construction.

Construction Bertrand & Bujold est membre de l’APCHQ, car il est important pour nous d’être chapeauté par une association qui veille à développer notre savoir-faire. Cette association nous tient informé continuellement, nous forme et nous conseille sur les pratiques exemplaires de construction au Québec dans le principal but de répondre aux attentes des consommateurs et d’encourager la construction saine et durable.

maison préfabriquée à Mont-Blanc
Membre APCHQ


maison rénovée à Amherst

The APCHQ promotes sustainable development and innovation;

It is the largest association of construction and renovation contractors in Canada;

The Association helps its members to be more effective with consumers through constant support and updates on regulations;

The APCHQ provides valuable information on construction problems and how to avoid them;

There are other associations similar to the APCHQ.

Finally, when selecting a contractor, it can be reassuring to choose one affiliated with an association because it shows their commitment to being supported, informed, compliant and ready to serve their clients.


To learn more about the APCHQ (available in French only)


Granted by the APCHQ, targeting the renovation industry, APCHQ Certified is a voluntary program for contractors wishing to distinguish themselves from others.


For us, this certification is an additional asset that we are proud to obtain each year for our clients. We can thus demonstrate that we have been recognized for our skills, expertise, and customer service quality. Moreover, our customer service is evaluated by a specialized firm mandated by the APCHQ, which conducts a bi-annual satisfaction survey among our clients.


In addition, being APCHQ Certified, we can offer our clients a renovation warranty plan. We have been accredited to this guarantee plan since September 2015. Previously carrying the Réno-Maître banner, the APCHQ is changing its program in 2018 to APCHQ Certified. Finally, we benefit from financing solutions available to our clients, thanks to our certification.


Here is the link to our certification: (available in French only)

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Our clients, like all clients of APCHQ Certified contractors, are assured of obtaining:

A guarantee of quality, given the commitment to the continuous training of contractors who must follow training annually;

A contractor with support from experts in the construction and renovation world on demand;

An application of established standards that correspond to best practices in construction and customer service;

A contractor with the financial and administrative capacity to complete their projects;

A contractor who is a member of the APCHQ and holds a valid RBQ license.

A free mediation service in case of dispute, offered by the Office de la protection du consommateur;

The APCHQ's renovation guarantee, upon request, which can help reassure their clients;

A right to have a say on the service obtained, via a satisfaction survey conducted by a specialized firm.

A contractor with an RBQ license bond and liability insurance to cover his civil obligations towards you, the client, and your family.

In conclusion, the APCHQ certification program is a reference and a mark of confidence. It highlights industry leaders who are focused on improving their knowledge of the construction field and the quality of the work and service they provide.


To learn more: (links available in French only)

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