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By its full name, the Garantie Construction Résidentielle (GCR) is a neutral and independent non-profit organization (NPO) whose mandate is to administer the new residential building warranty plan for the entire territory of Quebec.


In 1999, the Quebec government made the New Residential Building Warranty Plan mandatory. Since 2015, following a government reform, the DGC was created and will be the only organization to offer the new home warranty plan and grant this warranty to DGC accredited contractors. This plan ensures that your contractor adequately executes the legal and contractual obligations.

Watch this short video to learn more:

*The video is available only in French.

Any contractor performing major work on a new residential construction must be accredited with the DGC and must register your home with the DGC as soon as the contract is signed or a deposit is made.

Consult the directory of accredited GCR companies:

Consult the Register of RBQ licenses: (available in French only)

For a contractor to obtain the Residential Construction Warranty, it is essential to verify his accreditation with the Répertoire des Entreprises accréditées and his holding of sub-categories 1.1.1 and/or 1.1.2 on his RBQ license.

Be aware that this law also applies if your application for a building permit is lifted and marked "self-build" and you hire a general contractor to do part of your work.


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The GCR offers protection before, during and after the reception of your home. Please consult the GCR website for details on the coverage and amounts:

The warranty is transferable! If you sell your home during the warranty period, the new owner automatically benefits from the protections for the remaining period;

The GCR continually studies the best construction techniques and asks its member contractors, like us, to respect them to build superior homes and avoid construction problems;

To promote these construction techniques, the GCR provides continuous technical assistance, training and technical data sheets to its contractors so that their achievements border on excellence;

Of course, to control the practices of its members, the GCR proceeds to rigorous inspections of the projects registered by its contractors to ensure a good construction;

Finally, it is in the interest of the accredited contractor to perform well to maintain his accreditation and increase his GCR rating. Otherwise, he loses valuable technical support and the right to carry out new constructions.

In short, all these procedures are designed to protect you, the consumer.


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